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Plymouth Breeze Repair Manual

Chrysler Cirrus, Stratus, Sebring, Avenger, Breeze Chilton Repair Manual for 1995-98

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What you can learn
Chilton Total Car Care series offers do-it-yourselfers of all levels TOTAL maintenance, service and repair information in an easy-to-use format. The Chrysler Cirrus, Stratus, Sebring, Avenger, Breeze Chilton Repair Manual for 1995-98 includes these great features:
--Model-specific coverage
--Simple, step-by-step procedures for engine overhaul, chassis electrical, drive train, suspension, steering and more
--Trouble codes
--Electronic engine controls
Complete coverage for your Chrysler Cirrus, Stratus, Sebring, Avenger, Breeze Chilton Repair Manual for 1995-98:
--General Information
--Routine Maintenance & Tune-up
--Engine and Engine Overhaul
--Driveability and Emission Controls
--Trouble Codes & Diagnostics
--Fuel System
--Chassis Electrical
--Drive Train
--Suspension & Steering
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: General Information and Maintenance
Chapter 2: Engine Electrical
Chapter 3: Engine and Engine Overhaul
Chapter 4: Driveability and Emissions Controls
Chapter 5: Fuel System
Chapter 6: Chassis Electrical
Chapter 7: Drive Train
Chapter 8: Suspension and Steering
Chapter 9: Brakes
Chapter 10: Body and Trim
Glossary and Master Index
Product Detail
Softcover: 480 pages
Part Number: 20320
ISBN-13: 9780801990908
Product Dimensions: 8 ½ by 11 inches
Covered Makes/Models
  • Chrysler Avenger 1998
  • Chrysler Avenger 1997
  • Chrysler Avenger 1996
  • Chrysler Avenger 1995
  • Chrysler Breeze 1998
  • Chrysler Breeze 1997
  • Chrysler Breeze 1996
  • Chrysler Breeze 1995
  • Chrysler Cirrus 1998
  • Chrysler Cirrus 1997
  • Chrysler Cirrus 1996
  • Chrysler Cirrus 1995
  • Chrysler Sebring 1998
  • Chrysler Sebring 1997
  • Chrysler Sebring 1996
  • Chrysler Sebring 1995
  • Chrysler Stratus 1998
  • Chrysler Stratus 1997
  • Chrysler Stratus 1996
  • Chrysler Stratus 1995
  • Dodge Avenger 1998
  • Dodge Avenger 1997
  • Dodge Avenger 1996
  • Dodge Avenger 1995
  • Dodge Stratus 1998
  • Dodge Stratus 1997
  • Dodge Stratus 1996
  • Dodge Stratus 1995
  • Plymouth Breeze 1998
  • Plymouth Breeze 1997
  • Plymouth Breeze 1996
  • Plymouth Breeze 1995
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