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Chilton Total Service Series for Easy Car Care

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What you can learn
Easy Car Care is a complete guide to vehicle ownership and maintenance. Besides step-by-step procedures to care for all aspects of your car, truck or SUV, Easy Car Care provides a thorough explanation of how each part of your vehicle works. It even includes information on buying, leasing, buying replacement parts and communicating with your mechanic. No vehicle owner should be without the information in this manual.
A simple guide to automotive service, designed to help you understand your vehicle's performance. This manual will assist you in doing your own basic maintenance, as well as enable you to communicate easily with your mechanic.
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: Tools & Supplies
Chapter 2: Buyer's Guide to Parts and Supplies
Chapter 3: Fasteners
Chapter 4: Safety and Safety Check
Chapter 5: Fuels and Lubricants
Chapter 6: Vehicle Maintenance
Chapter 7: Tune-Up
Chapter 8: The Engine
Chapter 9: The Cooling System
Chapter 10: Air Conditioning Systems
Chapter 11: Electrical System--Battery and Cables
Chapter 12: Electrical System--Starting and Charging
Chapter 13: Electrical System--Ignition
Chapter 14: Electrical System--Lights, Fuses and Flashers
Chapter 15: Fuel Systems
Chapter 16: Windshield Wipers and Washers
Chapter 17: Interior Care
Chapter 18: Dash Gauges
Chapter 19: Radios, Cassettes and CD Players
Chapter 20: Clutch and Manual Transmission/Transaxle
Chapter 21: The Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
Chapter 22: Driveline
Chapter 23: Suspension and Steering
Chapter 24: Wheels
Chapter 25: Tires
Chapter 26: Brakes
Chapter 27: Trailer Towing
Chapter 28: Body Care and Repair
Chapter 29: Anti-Theft Systems
Chapter 30: Buying and Owning a Vehicle
Chapter 31: How to Deal with Motor Vehicle Emergencies
Chapter 32: Ways to Save Fuel
Chapter 33: Glossary
Master Index
Product Detail
Softcover: 472 pages
Part Number: 8852
ISBN-13: 9780801988523
Product Dimensions: 8 ½ by 11 inches
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Chilton Total Car Care Series is an extensive line of automotive repair manuals made for specific vehicle models.

Chilton Total Service Series and System-Specific Repair manuals focus on specialized areas of auto repair providing more detail and theory.

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